Angie - Performance Tracking App


Performance and internal communication tool for "Angie" - East Coast based cosmetics and beauty products retailer.

Contribution‭: ‬Art Direction‭, ‬Design and Product Management

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The manager and the salesmen get a different set of tools according to their role in the company‭. ‬The manager is able to compile‭ ‬reports‭, ‬track employee’s activity‭, ‬decide on team formation and set goals and tasks‭. ‬Employees are able to monitor their own performance‭, ‬see the goals‭ ‬and where do they stand in company’s list of top performers‭. 


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When the manager assigns new goals to any of his employees they are able to see them inside their app‭.‬ Since it's launch in early 2018 ‬it helped to increase sales by 22%‭ ‬using effective goals setting‭, ‬engagement and motivation‭.‬


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Every employee can monitor his or her progress both for the personal tasks and company goals‭. ‬Can easily check the rankings and‭ ‬total amount of sales for every colleague‭.‬


Personal Reports.png

The manager has access to all the relevant information regarding each employee‭.‬



Internal company chat will allow all parts to interact and solve any issues within the context of the app‭.‬ The app is being used daily by around 200 employees of the company.