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Juno Rider App

Redesigning a well-performing product is never an easy task. You have more chances of making the users angry than making them praise you all over their smartphones. That’s exactly where we started: Juno Rider App was killing it in New York and riders and rides kept on mounting. We had to be careful and not over enthusiastic with changing stuff.


We defined two main goals for the redesign: to fix some under-performing flows and elements inside the app and to improve and align the look and feel of the app with an overall Juno brand. We wanted the app’s design to walk the same thin line between professionalism and friendliness that we believe Juno as a company and a brand does.


Continuing to be the advocates of “pickup first, destination second” approach we tried to simplify the ride ordering process for the users as much as possible. Each screen has a very distinct primary action which streamlines the process. Limiting the number of additional options to a minimum flatlines the learning curve and helps the user achieve their goal for each screen much faster.

Home screen got rid of all of the distractions and the only thing the rider is asked to do is to confirm her pickup position.


Having addresses confirmation on one screen and choosing the ride type on the other allowed us to introduce a cleaner and more scalable layout that has enough real state for future features.

Price Seen > Ride Requested conversion increased by 2%


We wanted to implement a more conversational approach and try to make the whole experience more humane. We used large font to highlight the interaction between the app and the rider.

Account Created > Ride Ordered conversion increased by 17%


Rough night yesterday? Need some time by yourself? We got a “Quiet Ride” feature specially designed for these occasions: turn it on when ordering a ride and the driver will make sure not to be overly social or play any music during the ride.

Cancellations by Rider decreased by 15%


Juno is known for the industry’s best Customer Support. You can get a 24/7 response from a compassionate human (no chats, bots, algorithms or cold-hearted AI’s) who will do whatever’s necessary to improve both riders and drivers experience. We tried to bring the same experience to the app reworking the Help section from scratch.


What our riders had to say:

“Payment options are more seamless and I do prefer the color scheme.”

“Everything is streamlined and the visual is softer on the eyes as well.”

“Pretty quick to be able to request new rides. That’s what’s mostly important to me.”

“Overall it’s more intuitive with a better look”